Fluoride Can Give You the Strong and Healthy Smile You Deserve

If you want strong, healthy, and problem-free teeth, then you need to expose your teeth to fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that is extremely beneficial for your teeth. In fact, it’s best to expose your teeth to fluoride each day. You can find fluoride in things like water and food. Fluoride strengthens and nourishes your… Read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Is Most Effective for Maintaining a Professionally Whitened Smile

When your smile suffers from stains and shades of yellow in the tooth enamel, it can significantly hamper your self-esteem. If your teeth are moderate to severely stained, the whitening products sold in stores simply won’t be potent enough to fully whiten your smile. In a case like this, you will need a professional bleaching… Read more »

Chipped Tooth Enamel Needs Timely Treatment and Repair

Tooth enamel is the very hard outer layer of your teeth. It’s intended to be strong enough to bite and chew common yet hard foods. However, there are some abnormal events that can chip tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur if you have a bad habit of nibbling on things, using your… Read more »

Your Child’s First Dental Visit: What Happens

It’s important for parents to keep their children healthy and strong. But did you know that you’ll need to keep your child’s mouth healthy if you’re hoping to help them stay healthy overall? To do so, you’ll have to visit a dentist regularly—but did you know when you should schedule your child’s first appointment? We… Read more »

Save Your Smile With Effective Tooth Extraction Recovery Techniques

If you have suffered irreparable tooth decay or an oral accident, there is a high probability that you will need a tooth extraction. Our doctors at are here ensure you get the highest quality treatment for whatever ailments may plague your oral health. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, take some action… Read more »

Considering Whitening Your Teeth? Here Are Your Options

When you think about improving your first impressions and appearance, giving your smile a boost is often one of the first things you may consider. First impressions and first smiles can make a huge difference in how others perceive us. Getting a tooth whitening treatment is a fantastic way to give your smile that extra… Read more »

Dental Emergencies: What Can You Do?

Do you know what you would do during a dental emergency? Do you know what would qualify as a dental emergency? Accidents can happen very quickly and can be incredibly unpleasant experiences. But if you know what to do, you could actually take steps to save your tooth. Of course, there are a few obvious… Read more »

Fix a Cavity with These Three Dental Treatments

If you treat your cavity as soon as you notice the first symptom, then there are three treatments that can help you eliminate the decay from your smile and restore your oral health. If you wait too long to get it treated, there is a chance the decay could spread and destroy your tooth, ruining… Read more »

Thanksgiving Smiles Without the Unsightly Wires

Spend your Thanksgiving the right way this season with the healthy, removable Invisalign® aligner system. No need to dread seeing friends, family, and long-lost relatives anymore. Your poor dental hygiene can be fixed as soon as you are ready to take the next step to a healthier and brighter smile. Invisalign isn’t going to heal… Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Can Be Used to Cosmetically Restore an Unappealing Tooth

An unappealing tooth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and socially awkward. To restore the cosmetic appearance of a single tooth, Dr. will often recommend restoring the entire enamel layer of the tooth with a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown. A dental crown in , , is essentially a perfect replica of the… Read more »