Bone grafting in Opelika, Alabama, is often needed when one wishes to utilize dental implants but they do not have a strong enough bone to hold the implant.

Dr. Tatum & Dr. Cox have a way to help you have the permanent and reliable teeth you desire, and they look forward to working with you! The process of bone grafting involves taking bone structure from another source, including your own body, from a donor, or from a lab where it is completely man-made, and placing it onto the weak area of your jaw. When the bone is placed, it is secured with screws, pins, or plates. This operation will be completely painless because your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and also put you into a deep, peaceful sleep. When you wake up, your oral cavity will be ready for dental implants.

After the treatment, we strongly recommend resting for a long period of time, which could be two weeks or three months. Immediately after the dental operation, you will need to ice the area to prevent swelling. We do not recommend participating in vigorous physical activity, but you can indeed exercise the muscle groups that are not affected.

For more details on bone grafting and the recovery time, call Tatum & Cox now and talk to your dentist!