Dental Care Tips for Men

Did you know that it’s important for men to take good care of their smiles? Well, it’s true, especially because the following things can cause major dental issues: Medications Dry mouth is a common dental issue that is often caused by medications. So, if you experience a dry feeling in your mouth on occasion, it’s… Read more »

What do to When a Crown Falls Out

A crown is made from durable artificial materials that are meant to last a very long time. However, something like a blow to the face, a hard fall or periodontal disease can cause the cement holding the crown to fail, or even damage the abutment. If one of your crowns falls out, you should call… Read more »

Why Are Canker Sores Afflicting You?

What do you do when you start to get a tingling or burning in your mouth, and two or three days later your mouth has small, painful sores that hurt when you eat or drink? You may be experiencing “aphthous ulcers”, commonly known as canker sores. Canker sores are generally pale and surrounded by a red… Read more »

4 Important Oral Hygiene Steps for Baby Teeth

Oral hygiene is vital if you want a strong and successful smile, and it’s the same case for your child. Oral hygiene is a great tool to use even before your child’s primary teeth move into the mouth. So, to help you properly clean and care for your child’s baby teeth, we recommend doing the… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Your New Temporary Crown

While your permanent crown is being designed in a dental laboratory, you will need to wear a temporary crown. This hard plastic cap is cemented over the abutment and root of the tooth to protect it. The temporary crown doesn’t restore the full function of the tooth it merely protects it. There are a few… Read more »

What to do About a Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Tooth

A chipped, cracked or fractured tooth can be a serious cause for concern. In many cases it comes with pain, and can even damage the root of the tooth which could result in even more serious problems. There are some times when the damage to the tooth doesn’t expose the sensitive dentin layer within. Even… Read more »

The Tips You Need to Fight Dental Cavities

As the holidays approach, it’s important to protect your smile from dental cavities. No one wants to be a victim of tooth decay, so we are here to give you the tips you need to prevent cavities this holiday season. So, for a strong and healthy smile, please do the following things: · Keep up… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Can help with Minor Stains

Would you like a bright white smile? Are you looking for a way to deal with teeth that suffer from minor staining at home? If so you might want to try using a tooth whitening toothpaste. Your regular dental checkup and cleaning usually includes a tooth polishing procedure as part of the cleaning. This procedure… Read more »

Your Health and Gum Disease

Did you know that disease can lead to fairly serious problems, or why you should keep your gums safe? This may seem obvious, but your gums—which are really little more than a thin layer of flesh—are extremely important to your oral health. In fact, without your gums, your teeth would be in danger. Behind your… Read more »

Can Mouthwash Replace Your Flossing Routine?

Mouth wash rinses are often found in the medicine cabinet of most American households. There are various types to choose from, including cosmetic, antiseptic, and fluoride rinses. –Cosmetic rinses mainly help you control bad breath. They come in minty flavors to freshen your breath. –Antiseptic versions kill germs that can cause plaque. These contain chlorhexidine… Read more »