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When you think about improving your first impressions and appearance, giving your smile a boost is often one of the first things you may consider. First impressions and first smiles can make a huge difference in how others perceive us. Getting a tooth whitening treatment is a fantastic way to give your smile that extra sparkle to grab that great first impression.

Three whitening options are commonly available. You could buy a whitening kit from a store (not very effective,) get a take-home kit from your dentist (more effective, very convenient,) or get an in-office whitening from your dentist (most effective and safest option.)

Getting the in-office treatment is a quick and easy whitening treatment that can brighten your teeth by up to ten color shades. It’s also much safer than other options because your gums are purposefully protected from the whitening gel. Dr. Crawford A. Tatum Jr. will custom fit the whitening trays to your teeth exactly, which provides a much tighter, cleaner, brighter, and whiter smile. Perfect for preparing for that special occasion.

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