Do you have a toothache? What about sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? If so, you might have a cavity, and Dr. Tatum & Dr. Cox are here to help you!

In order to restore the health of your tooth, your dentist at Tatum & Cox will need to remove the decay, clean the tooth, and fill it with a dental filling. We currently offer composite and silver amalgam fillings. Both of these products have very many benefits, including:

• Composite Fillings: This type of filling offers a natural-looking result and is made of a tooth-colored material. It also provides additional support to the tooth because it is able to chemically bond to the tooth. This material is not only capable of filling your tooth, but it is also capable of correcting any other tooth imperfections, like cracks, breaks, and fractures.
• Silver Amalgam Fillings: This type of filling is a very durable option that can last from 10 to 15 years and can outlive composite fillings. It is a strong and reliable product that can constantly withstand the chewing forces of your teeth. Silver amalgam is also a cheaper option that not only saves your money, but also saves the health of your tooth.

The process of placing the filling first involves your dentist numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. Once your mouth is numb, we will use a drill or laser to remove the decayed portion of your tooth. When the harmful substances are eliminated, your dentist will thoroughly clean your tooth. Then, we will fill the tooth, layer by layer, with the dental filling. Each layer will be hardened with a special light, and the top of the filling will be trimmed and shaped once the tooth is full.

For more information about a dental filling in Opelika, Alabama, please feel free to give us a call!