We offer dental bonding in Opelika, Alabama, to finally improve the appearance of your stubborn, unattractive tooth.

Dental bonding at Tatum & Cox is the process of your dentist covering your tooth with a tooth-colored material and hardening it with a dental light. This is a very beneficial product that is capable of:

• Making your tooth look longer
• Repairing your chipped or cracked tooth
• Closing the spaces between your teeth
• Changing the shape of your tooth
• Improving the appearance of your discolored tooth
• Protecting your tooth’s root if it has been exposed

Dr. Tatum or Dr. Cox will begin the dental bonding technique by choosing a color of material that matches closely with your natural teeth. Then, we will roughen the surface of the tooth and will apply a conditioning liquid, which will help the material completely bond to the tooth. Your dentist will then apply the bonding material to the tooth and will mold it and shape it into the desired shape. When it upholds the perfect appearance, your dentist will harden it with a dental light. Once it is hardened, we will continue to trim and shape it to fit perfectly with your bite and smile.

If you wish to know more about dental bonding, call our office now!