Are you a victim of gum disease? If so, Dr. Tatum & Dr. Cox are here to help you with periodontal therapy in Opelika, Alabama, before your condition gets worse.

Our team at Tatum & Cox currently offers a root planing and scaling technique that is meant to deeply clean your teeth and restore the health of your gums. This technique involves your dentist numbing your gums and roots with a local anesthetic. When your mouth is numb, we will use a special dental tool to scrape the surfaces of your teeth to remove the plaque that resides on the surface. Then, we will place medications into the pockets between your gums and teeth to promote healing. You will then need to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the health of your oral cavity.

Gum disease develops when the plaque on your teeth is left untreated. If this happens, the plaque will irritate your gums and will make them recede, which will make your teeth look longer than natural. If the plaque is still not removed at this stage of development, it will turn into tartar and will send toxins into the underlying bone of your jaw. The toxins will then begin to deteriorate the bone, which will make your teeth become loose and they will eventually fall out of your mouth.

To avoid this health condition, you need to keep up with your regular dental cleanings. To schedule your next dental cleaning, call us now!