It is completely normal and healthy if your child sucks their thumb, but the time you should start to worry is if they still suck their thumb beyond the age of 5. If they do indeed continue to suck their thumb, Dr. Tatum & Dr. Cox offer this advice:

• When your child develops this habit, do not scold them. Instead, praise them when they do not suck their thumb.
• Usually children revert to sucking their thumb when they are anxious or nervous. Try eliminating the source of your child’s anxiety or nervousness. If they feel comfortable and they are in a stress-free environment, they will not feel the need to suck their thumb.
• When they are having a difficult time and they refrain from sucking their thumb, praise them and let them know you are proud.
• If they suck their thumb at night, you can place a bandage or sock over their hand to keep them from the habit.

If you wish to receive more thumb sucking advice in Opelika, Alabama, we invite you to call Tatum & Cox now! Your dentist will be able to meet with you and give you advice based on your specific situation. We look forward to working with you and your child!