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Did you know that it’s important for men to take good care of their smiles? Well, it’s true, especially because the following things can cause major dental issues:

Dry mouth is a common dental issue that is often caused by medications. So, if you experience a dry feeling in your mouth on occasion, it’s best to do all you can to rehydrate. The most beneficial things you can do to prevent dry mouth are:

-Avoid drinking alcohol
-Avoid using tobacco products
-Use alcohol-free mouthwash daily
-Chew sugar-free gum
-Avoid eating salty foods

Tobacco use
If you use any kind of tobacco product, we ask that you please quit the habit as soon as possible. Tobacco tends to promote gum disease and oral cancer, which are dangerous diseases that can result in tooth loss and death. If you need help quitting the habit, please feel free to talk to your dentist.

Playing sports
Playing sports is a great way to stay active, but it’s also a way to injure your teeth and jaw. No matter which sport you play, there is a chance that the ball or another player can hit your smile, resulting in oral injury. So, the best way you can protect your smile is with a mouthguard.

If you would like to keep your male smile in tip-top shape, please remember to prevent dry mouth, avoid using tobacco products, and protect your teeth while playing sports. It’s also extremely important for you to take advantage of oral hygiene in Opelika, Alabama, by brushing, flossing, and rinsing. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Crawford A. Tatum Jr., if you’re due for a dental cleaning. We look forward to helping you!