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Do you worry about taking your child to the dentist? Are your kids anxious about the visit? If so, we have a few recommendations that may be able to help you. Please feel free to read on if you are interested in how you can help your child overcome their dental anxiety.

  • It may be helpful to make an appointment for yourself when your little one visits an appointment, or to schedule an appointment for other children as well. Your kids could find comfort in seeing members of their family go through the experience, or from having their family cheering them on.
  • If your child is concerned with the idea of visiting the dentist, we recommend talking with your dentist in advance. With advanced notice, your dentist can prepare for your child and make the experience more pleasant.
  • If your child has questions about what to expect, we recommend giving straightforward, simple answers. Please do not try to answer more complex questions. Your child’s dentist will be trained to answer questions without being threatening. Also, please avoid words such as “hurt” and “shot”.

Please feel free to contact us soon if you are interested in learning more about how you can help your child alleviate their fear of visiting the dentist.